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Day of the Zombie

Believing they were safe from the Zombie attacks that destroyed the rest of the world ten years earlier, a type of normality had settled over the small seaside community.

The Zombies had not arrived.

Word spreads that a celebration is to be held in the central city of Wellington, taking a chance a small band of men head into the city. Everything was as it should be. They were welcomed.

A small girl calls to her dog that is playing on the shore. The dog does not respond. Angry she approaches the dog, it bites her. Crying she runs home.

Gary is one of the people who took the chance to visit the city; he has his own reasons for returning and is not interested in the event to reunite the people and the country.

He sees the girl running from the shore. Moments later the dog approaches low and growling. It takes several bullets to put it down. Washed up on the shore he sees something that turns his blood cold. He turns back toward the city as the screams start.


On the night of the zombie outbreak, John and his wife, Sally, faced a challenge they never imagined when the corpse of their daughter awoke.

Several months later, John and Sally find refuge, however in an act of kindness, John is bitten by a newly infected comrade. Now he is a prisoner in the camp where he once found refuge with his wife.

But John is immune. One in a billion. The camp wants him dead.

John runs.

Captured by a crazed scientist, he is given genetically modified zombie blood, making him something more than human, making him primordial, making him...RAGE.

A thinking, calculating, change-at-will...monstrosity; with only one goal: to find his wife. 

The Game

A demon trapped in an online game is hell-bent on finding a way out and won't let anyone stand in her way as she transforms into a living virus, infecting the minds of millions as she finally makes her way into the real world, bringing a loyal minon with her.

Struggling with life, Lisa uses virtual reality to lose herself. The arrival of free access to The Game from her father, together with the visor needed to play, gives her another avenue for escape.

However something dark is lurking in the game, a living virus, and when Lisa's brother Timmy is pulled into the VR World, she must play to save him.

With time running out, Phillip battles to overcome the virus, and Lisa with her small group of gamers fight to save Timmy’s life and reach the end of The Game, where human and non-human will battle for reality.

The Last Church

The future is not a utopia.

The year is 2368, and life in New Zealand is bleak. The landscape all but destroyed by environmental disaster, and an alien attack. The survivors are forced to retreat into the safety of a massive dome and the world is run by one president.

Things are easier in the future. Ordering clothes, food, transportation, but amongst all the glamour is a dark side, hidden in the shadows but open for anyone to see -- if they looked.

The world is edging towards WW4 with the German-Arabian Front leading the conflict.

But life goes on. Especially for university students studying archaeology with a government issued pass into the wasteland. Rachael needs to uncover the truth about the past. It's an act that will change her life and destroy all she loves.

What follows is an earth-shattering race against time as Rachael and the Order of the Black Snake battle against the arrival of Satan, in a world aching for hope but teetering on the edge of madness.

This book is about a post-apocalyptic world dealing with the rise of Satan, the decline of Christianity and the power of myth.


I am a New Zealander who writes Science Fantasy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Science_fantasy) and horror. I have a wife, two grown kids and a mortgage.
​On this site you will find many treats and info about me and my books, reviews I have penned and one (interesting?) blog. Feel free to email me, I usually answer. Most of my books have been translated in electronic format, selling at Kobo, Amazon, and Google Play, and many many other sites.
Foreign Languages to date:
I have been fortunate to land five small press novel publications, and I have sold over seventy short stories in anthologies and magazines. Recently my first non-fiction book (on weight loss – true story of me) was released by Triskaideka Books NZL.
My second non-fiction title is planned for the start of 2020. Details: I have an outline system I created and it works well for me. I’m writing a non-fiction book on the use of this type of outline, and to show it works. I’m using it for my current SF werewolf trilogy. The book will contain images and a real life example if I can find a publisher for the series. This is my second non-fiction book.
​In 2004 I won the Horror World December Flash for the story Santa. I also won the Bloody Dagger Horror award for Re-entry of Evil that same year. (note: Not the crime award. A short lived horror award.)
In 2013, DemiGod Games (AU) commissioned me to pen a short story based on a new board game.
More recently (2016) I won a science fiction contest for my story, Saving Kira, at SFReader.com.
For the past six years I have been a Shadow Awards judge for the categories: Novel, long fiction, and graphic novels (run by the Australasian Horror Writers Association (AHWA) Incorporated).
Recently, I discovered I like crime writing and am currently working on a PI thriller, based in Japan. I’m not quite sure where it is going as I’ve never written this type of story before. So, I’m winging it, and reading as many crime novels as my Kindle can handle.
My current blurb (with links):
Award winning author, Richard Lee, is a displaced writer of the weird, wonderful and grotesque. Since 2001 he has made an impact on the genre world and thrives within its limitless boundaries.
Over seventy short stories have slammed his name on anthologies and magazines across the globe. Five novels impacted humanity and two novellas were the icing on the cake.
He still sends his books out to independent and legacy publishers, looking for that elusive million dollar cheque.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/threeand10/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/threeand10
Website: threeand10.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/threeand10/
Daily Motion: http://www.dailymotion.com/threeand10
YouTube: https://tinyurl.com/threeand10-YouTube


Gods of Chaos — SF Control — 2017

Resurrection Child — Dark Continents — 2012 (out of print) / rerelease TKDBooks.

Rage Bk1 — Triskaideka Books — 2012 (out of print — updated version in the works)

The Armageddon Shadow — Panic Press 2011 (new version 2012 from Triskaideka Books)

in darkness we play Triskaideka Books 2010. 5 authors: Lori R. Lopez, E. A. Irwin, Lee Pletzers, John Irvine, Aline S. Iniestra (out of print)

The Game — (TKDBooks / Paperback/) Triskaideka Books June 2010

The Last Church — BBS Press September 2009 / Re-Released by Triskaideka Books 2010

Bloodline — Writers Press LTD (out of print)


No Rebound Weight Loss Triskaideka Books (September 1, 2017)

How to write a book – with pics and how to actually outline with examples and pics (coming soon)

Editing roles:

Sinisteria Magazine: short stories edited, cleaned up

Three novels edited, one Australian, two American

Book Translation editor for Misako Middleton in Japan.

Edited Anthologies:

Masters of Horror: Damned if you Don’t 2011

Masters of Horror: The Anthology 2010 Out of Print

Demons and Shadows 1 (SPX Press release date: 2003) Out of print

Demons and Shadows 2 SPX Press Unreleased

Embark to Madness (Coscom entertainment 2005) Copies may still be available. Highly unlikely.


Think Visually — issue 19 House of Horror

When the publisher crashes — e-book world magazine UK (2012)


(Sorry, this is not a complete list. I lost track of some before I got organised and then I lost track again. If you find something not listed here, please let me know. As you know I write horror, but at times I write SF, and at other times, I blend both together.) I've written stories under 5 names: Richard Lee (naturally me), Lee Pletzers (SF me), Jonathon Colbolt, (light horror me), Walter T. Anderson (horror poetry me) and Jon Durch (thriller me)--not yet released title in category Novel..  

David and Toni — Petrified Punks Anthology, Oscillate Wildly Press AU (2018)
City of the Dead — Raging River Press (2017)
The Dark Fox — TKDBooks (singles) NZL (2017)
MindFeeders — Anemone Enemy Anthology Oscillate Wildly Press (2017)
Bio-Virus – Nebula Rift 2015 Vol 3 No. 9 (writing as Lee Pletzers)
Ellen – Triskaideka Single release
Cracked — TKDBooks Singles release
Quincy’s — Triskaideka Single release
Of Machines and Men — Nebula Rift 2015 Vol. 03 No. 05 (writing as Lee Pletzers)
The Thin You — Under the Bed 2015 Vol. 03 No. 10.
Reset — Nebula Rift 2015 Vol. 03 No. 01 (writing as Lee Pletzers)
Saving Kira — SFReader (1st place winner short story contest) (Update: Site Gone) (writing as Lee Pletzers.)
The Factory — Calamities Press 2015 Read for free online. (Update; Gone).
An Exercise in White — Teeming Terrors 2015 (writing as Lee Pletzers)
Two Coins — Paying the Ferryman anthology by Charon Coin Press 2015 Not linked as the publisher never paid any of the authors.
Two Kinds of Animal — The Literary Hatchet 2014 (page 134) Issue 10. PDF is free to read.
Single-minded Focus — Fragments of Fear UK TV Show 2014. This link goes to the spotlight page. I will update when the video/ TS show is online.
The Sixes (reprint) — Fragments of Fear UK TV Show 2014. This link goes to the spotlight page. I will update when the video/ TS show is online.
Not as it seems — These vampires still don’t sparkle 2014 
SARAH — Bellator 2014 
Water — Disquiet 2014
The East Riders — DemiGods Board Game 2013 (commissioned story) 
Ellen — The Horror Society 2013 They published the story and I never got my payment of a free copy. I hate it when publishers and editors don’t follow through with contract promises. Fuckers. (reviewer quote: Hand it to author Richard Lee: he’s not afraid to examine the outermost regions of human depravity and still make the story literate and involving enough not to be exploitative. Recommended – but again, with caution: This is horror cooked rare with the blood dripping from the plate… If you’re a drinker, you may want to pour yourself a stiff one before plunging in.)
Rage — Triskaideka Books 2012
Teeth — Triskaideka Books 2012
Email to Mother — Kizuna: Fiction for Japan 2011 (no longer available but you can read my short story here)
Queen of the Dogs — I Believe in Werewolves 2011
For Flesh — DEADication 2011
Theatre of Pain — House of Horror (issue 17 and Best of 2010 Anthology) 2010
God Denied — The Fringe magazine 2010 No longer available
The In-Between World — Bloody Carnival Pill Hill Press 2010
(AKA Day of the Zombie) He iwi tahi tatou — Zombidays: Festivities of the Flesheaters 2010
The Cold — Cold Flesh Antho Hellbound books July 05 Unavailable. Read my story here.
Teeth — Masters of Horror: The Anthology 2010
Introduction to Dead Bells Anthology edited by Jodi Lee 2010
Trickery Dances — podcast by ShadowedCast. Release date 2009
The New Slayer — Vampology 09/10
The Zombie Virus — Zombonauts 2009 / rerelease TKDBooks.
Final Letter — Letters from the Dead 2009
Luki — 69 Flavors of Paranoia August 2009 Issue #1 (And best of 2010 anthology)
Genetic Coding — War Wolves 2009
Synn — Sonar4 Magazine 2009 From the Mouth Antho
The Pretender — For the Love of Monsters
Shadows — Morpheus Tales #6 (2009)
Shadow Lands — Yellow Mama (June 15 2009)
The Last Watcher — Arkham Tales 2008 – release: issue 4 2009. Rerelease TKDBooks
The Pretender — Issue Three? The Monsters Next Door 2008 (writing as Jonathon Cobolt) Read for free.
A splash of Red — Little Red Riding Hood Anthology 2008 (09 release) AKA: Straying from the path No longer available. Get it here (kickass werewolf / little red riding hood story. You will love it.)
Santa (reprint) — Twisted Twins 2008
Red Wings, Black Wings — The Open Vein 2008 issue 3
Momma’s Boy — Neonbeam 2007
Tainted Heaven — Naked Snake Press 2007
I just wanna go Home — Alone in the Dark Anthology 2007 (reprint) Darkened Dreams Press. 2008
Character Attack — A Cruel World March / April 2006.
The Fountain of Youth — Dead Men Walking anthology, Bards and Sages press, 2006.
Red moon — Vintage Moon anthology TBR
The Sixes — Thirteen Magazine UK 2005 (Winner October Issue 05)
Santa — Winner of Horror World December Flash 2004
Christmas Soldier — Deathbus E- Zine December 2004 Issue.
The Cold — Cold Flesh Antho Hellbound books July 05
The Long Wait — ChimeraWorld 2 Chimericana Books
The Three Sixes — Hades 0.7 June issue 04
Deep South — Scared Naked magazine June Issue 04
With the dammed — Scrybe Press (March 2004)
Something not quite right — Nevermore online magazine
How it Comes — Lost souls online website
The Boy — Small Bites Anthology for Charles Grant.
Dogs — Raging Horrormones (Coscom Entertainment) 2004 release
three seven three — THWN: New voices in horror
Staring at the Sun — Parastorium Terrors Within
I just wanna go home — Cyberpulp Halloween antho 2001
Nefarious — Soul Engravings.
Fear — Twisted TwinsSHORT STORIES